Q&A with DB Eric Crocker

Please join me in giving a warm JetNation welcome to Eric Crocker.

I could tell you all about him, but how about from Crocker himself? I had the chance to ask him some questions on Eric Crocker, the man, the athlete, and everything in-between.

Q: Please give the fanbase a little background on Eric Crocker, the man. What was growing up like, and where are you coming to New York from? 

A: I'm from Stockton, California, number 8 on Forbes' list of most dangerous cities in America. It was a very challenging city to grow up in, and after seeing crime in my neighborhood at a young age, I turned to sports to give me a way out. I'm a father to my son Jayden "Juice" Crocker. I'm a believer, and know that it's only because of God and hard work that I've come this far.  I love giving back to my community and I'm definitely looking forward to getting involved in the NY communities. I love burritos and swear that Stockton, CA has the best burritos and tacos truck in the world, but if you beg to differ please let me know where I can get a great burrito in NY. I'm social on Twitter and Facebook, and if you ask my family, I can't multitask while scrolling through feed, commenting, or liking pics so come game time the phone will be off. Make sure to recommend some good burrito places in NY to Eric on Twitter.

Q: There seems to have been a little adversity you faced when playing football. In a piece on TheJetsBlog.com, I see that grades in school held you back athletically. Can you please speak to that, and how things changed?

A: I faced a lot of adversity in high school and early college. My poor grades my junior year of high school made me miss the last 5 games of that season and the first 5 games of my senior season, which kept me from being recruited by D1 Colleges.  After high school, I attended San Joaquin Delta College (junior college), where my grades once again hurt me. In that same year, I had my son "Juice" and dropped out of school.  I started working, and over a 3 year span I worked at warehouses, Babies 'R Us, Target, and became a security officer. That period of my life was enough to motivate me to do better in school and play football again. I attended Modesto Junior College, where, for the first time, I made the Dean's List and completed a full season with no academic issues, and was rewarded with a scholarship to University of Arkansas-Monticello.

Q: Moving onto Eric Crocker the athlete, you're listed as the general term "DB" for the Jets, but you self-describe yourself as a cornerback on Twitter. Is that the position you feel most comfortable in? What has playing experience at all types of positions been like?

A: I've always played CB. I think I'm listed at DB because they see some versatility in me. I feel like I have the cover skills to play CB, but also the aggressiveness, potential, and size to play Safety. I'm willing to play wherever the coaches see fit.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle you think that you'll face, now that you're on the Jets roster? How can you overcome it? 

AL The biggest obstacle is, being an undrafted free agent, you start from the bottom and have to prove you can play. I plan on overcoming this by the love and the passion I have for the game, the determination and fight to never give up, being a student of the game, being a Beast when it comes to working out, and taking advantage of talking to the coaches and veterans on the team.

Q: I've seen both in tape, and have read, that you prefer/play better in man coverage. The Jets love to use press man calls, allowing for all kinds of creative blitz schemes to play out. Do you think you're ready for the challenge of being one-on-one with some of the NFL's best?

A: I love press coverage!!! It gives me a chance to be aggressive with the WR and disrupt his route and timing with the QB by being a pest and getting under his skin. Having the opportunity to compete against the best receivers excites me!

Q: Do you feel like when you get on the field you'll still be in "audition-mode" or do you feel that the Jets are already comfortable with your play?

A: I'm definitely still in audition mode and never want to take any opportunity for granted. I'm a small school guy, coming from Arena 1, and every rep/snap is an audition for the rest of my football career.

Q: Finally, describe yourself in one sentence. How do you want JetNation to perceive Eric Crocker?


There you have it JetNation, it is CROCKTIME, so make sure to be on the lookout for this cornerback. There very may well be a spot on the 53-man roster for him, and hard work can certainly create openings. Here's to wishing this awesome man and player the best! GO JETS! 

Make sure to follow and interact with him on Twitter: @eric_crocker

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