College Player Spotlight: San Jose State QB David Fales Q&A

For this edition of our college player spotlights, we had the opportunity to ask one of the NCAA's finest pure passers, David Fales, some questions about his collegiate career. 

Q: Beginning with the start of your college career, what led you to leaving Nevada?

A: Originally signing there [Nevada], I was thinking the offense was more of a passing offense. That’s what Coach [Chris] Ault did previously. After fall camp, I realized it wasn’t the best fit for me and had to make a decision if I was going to stay or leave.

Q: How did you end up at Monterey Peninsula College? And, on the same track, San Jose State?

A: I had a previous relationship with the head coach (Mike Rasmussen) at Monterey Peninsula College. So, if I knew I was going to transfer and go to JC, I knew where I was going to go.  That’s how I ended up there. I still have a really good relationship with him.

Going to San Jose State, Coach [Terry] Malley recruited me before my second year. Then, after the season, I threw for Coach [Mike] Mac [MacIntyre] and Coach [John] DeFilippo, our previous offensive coordinator (and a former New York Jets assistant.) They offered me the day after Christmas (2011).

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Q: How would you describe your 2012 football campaign at San Jose State University?

A: We had a real good year, obviously, going 11-2. As a team, we meshed really well. We had good chemistry. We had good leaders and good followers that respected our leaders. We had good chemistry and you could tell by the way we played on offense and the way we played on defense. So, that’s why we put up the good numbers.

Q: You have been praised for your accuracy and prescence in the pocket, with a passer rating of a rediculous 170.8. What do you attribute your precise targeting to?

A: Being prepared at all levels, mentally and our timing as an offense. Going into a game, knowing in all situations what I’m going to get and where I am going to go with the ball. Having to be prepared with the receivers and the O-line; having that timing.

Q: Do you feel that in a new age of 'trick' offenses, that your style of play holds you back any? 

A: No, I feel l can be just as efficient with the ball and make just as many big plays without running with the ball. I feel I can move around the pocket to create that big play and move the ball down the field. I don’t think at all that it holds me back.

Q: Who "took you under their wing" when you came to SJSU?

A: Coach Malley, Coach Mac and Coach DeFilippo are definitely the three that gave me the opportunity.

Q: What is your number one goal for this season (2013), and what will it take to reach it?

A: To win the Mountain West and go to a bowl. Working hard this summer and getting better at all the little things, individually and as a team. We need to come together like we did last year. As individuals, we need to critique ourselves and say what can we do individually to get better.

Q: Switch gears to a couple fun topics, what's been your favorite class at SJSU?

A: I’m going to say abnormal psychology. What was interesting about that was I got to find out more about myself and other people and the reason why I thought the way I did and why I am who I am.

Q: Off the gridiron, what can you be seen doing?

A: I play Madden 2013 on Xbox. If I’m home (Salinas, Calif.), going to Monterey and hanging around the beach.

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