Exclusive: Start-Up Football League, A11FL, Sends Offer to Tebow Camp

He may not be a New York Jet anymore, but like it or not, Tim Tebow does have his following—some who have remained Gang Green fans. 

A start-up, the A11FL has formally offered Tim Tebow a chance to join their league. Unlike other offers, this isn't some sort of gimmick involving $75 a game pay. The league has stated in the past that a player like Tim Tebow would fit perfectly in the up-tempo, unique dynamic of their league.

Based on all indications, A11FL founder, Steve Humphries, and his associates, are prepared to pay whatever it takes to get Tebow into the door. TV is king for start-up leagues, and Tim Tebow would attract the cameras. Still, the A11FL's team has been carefully planning the offer, as to be taken seriously by the Tebow camp. Per our source, they'd like Tebow to become their marquee player; think what Herschel Walker was to the USFL.

Per their 'fan guide,' the basis of their style of football is as follows:

The A11FL makes ONE rule change to the game of football, allowing for all eleven offensive players on the field to wear eligible jersey numbers. This rule change creates a game where every athlete can be interchangeable within any formation depending on the strategy of each play.

Teams will play a Spring schedule, perhaps the perfect audition for Tebow Time to gain another opportunity in the NFL, should he join the league.

For more on the A11FL, go to www.a11fl.com

Brian Johnson

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