Jets staying 3-4, Move Coples to Rush

Well here's an interesting development for the New York Jets. With the acquisition of DT Sheldon Richardson in the 2013 NFL Draft, many have speculated that a move to 4-3 is inevitable. 

Well hold on a second. 

According to the Jets' own Karl Dunbar, the New York Jets will be staying with a 3-4 and moving last year's first round draft pick, Quinton Coples, to OLB. 

The Jets had worked Coples out at linebacker in the 2012 NFL Combine, before they utimately decided to draft him. Coples was a late bloomer last season at DE, but did finish the season with 5.5 sacks. If he can make a successful transfer to linebacker, the Jets defense will be monstrous next season, with Mo Wilkerson and Antonio Cromartie leading the charge.

This information comes from Dunbar's twitter account which is protected, so we will not be embedding the tweet or sharing a screen capture.

Brian Johnson

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