New York Jets Full 7-Round Mock Draft

I'm not one for predicting which players will be drafted. Still, I find myself extremely curious on who other people believe the Jets will draft. So, it's time I did my own. Each round will include the Jets' actual pick, my pick, and one "avoid or alternate" pick. Everything with predictions is debatable, so please be sure to share your thoughts.

Round 1- 9th Overall Pick

The New York Jets select… 

Chance Warmack, OG, University of Alabama

New GM John Idzik shows where his priorities are by drafting a guard in the top-10 of the 2013 draft. It isn't glamorous, no, but with Caleb Schlauderaff as the only other guard on the roster, Idzik can't resist drafting the SEC star. The Jets' 2013 QB will have one less worry as he takes his snaps. 

My Pick: 

Kenny Vaccaro, FS, University of Texas

I like the selection of Warmack, yet am reminded of another position with severe vacancy…safety. The Jets lost both Laron "Dirty 30" Landry and Yermiah Bell to free agency, and now are left with two 2012 late round draftees manning the starting roles. There needs to be some kind of reassurance at the position and drafting the best safety in this year's draft will provide that. Vaccaro is 6', 214 lbs, and an overall NFL blend of speed and power. The pick gives some relief to a Jets backfield that may be without Darrelle Revis as well.


Any "pass-rusher"

In a game becoming more and more spread out and diverse (4+ receiver sets, and read-options), it's getting real hard to get to the quarterback, regardless of who you've got. Thankfully, the Jets have Muhammad Wilkerson, who is steadily improving, and will soon be a Pro Bowl defensive lineman. Now, talking on avoiding a "pass-rusher;" the Jets shouldn't target a guy like Mingo with the 9th pick that will probably be limited to 3rd down snaps in his first year. Rebuilding times are meant for calculated picks, not boom-or-bust picks. The Jets aren't trying to become a Super Bowl team, they're just trying to become a competitive team.

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Round 2- 39th Overall Pick

To me, who the Jets select in the second round is more important than their first round selection. It will demonstrate the larger vision for the team. 

The New York Jets select…

EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State University

Woah…they listened to the pleas; they heard the prayers. The Jets draft EJ Manuel out of FSU, a big, athletic QB who's stock has risen with the Senior Bowl and NFL Scouting Combine. Manuel makes it out of the first round, probably to his displeasure, but with the recent acquisitions of Flynn by the Raiders, Kolb by the Bills, and Palmer by the Cardinals, there isn't as strong of a need for QB's. Manuel may've made it to the third round, but as the Jets look at a training camp with Sanchez, McElroy, Garrard, and Tebow, they pull the trigger early.

My Pick: 

EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State University

If you read the previous paragraph, or follow us on Twitter, you know that I love the pick. EJ Manuel brings the Jets into the new NFL, with the ability to stretch the field and make big plays. His footwork and decision-making need improvement, but there is no ideal QB prospect in this draft. Manuel, in my opinion, has the highest ceiling, and is already drawing obvious Colin Kaepernick comparisons. 


Giovani Bernard, RB, UNC

If the Jets really want to push it another round and hope that Manuel is still there, they can't go wrong with Bernard. The Jets picked up running back Mike Goodson in free agency and have Bilal Powell, Joe McKnight, and John Griffin currently on the roster. So, they may be hesitant to draft a RB, but Bernard is a fighter for yards on the gridiron and a consistent receiver. He is the prototypical back to be plugged into Morhinweg's offense.

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Round 3- 72nd Overall Pick

The New York Jets select…

Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern State

The Jets were hoping to get John Jenkins from Georgia, but he slips through their grasp somehow. Instead, they select the next best tackle in the draft, Brandon Williams. Williams comes from a smaller school, which may be the only reason he's ranked lower than Jenkins. Williams has drawn comparisons to Antonio Garay coming out of college, which is ironic because the Jets just picked Garay up in free agency. It is a perfect pair, as Garay provides Williams with some NFL training, while Williams prepares to fill in the role vacated by the loss of Sione Po'uha. 

My Pick: 

​DeVonte Holloman, OLB, University of South Carolina

Being teammates with Jadeveon Clowney has to automatically make you better, right? Right? Well, that may or may not be true, but either way, Holloman enters the draft with four seasons of SEC football under his belt. During his time with the Gamecocks, Holloman amounted 205 tackles (solo and assisted), 15 tackles for a loss, 2 sacks, and 7 INT's, according to CFBStats.com. He isn't "great" in any one area, but he is a solid player and can quickly recognize plays. At the NFL level, he will need to improve his flexibility and speed if he wants to grow into a reliable starter. Some have  claimed that he may have the ability to play safety, which remains to be seen, but could be an added benefit of the pick. 


Ryan Swope, WR, Texas A&M

Wide receiver isn't a main area of need, but following on the hopeful offensive trend of this year's draft, Swope is an interesting prospect. He blew scouts away with his 4.34 seconds 40-time at the combine, and has the great hands to match his speed. On the field, however, he doesn't show the same speed; more of a quickness and trickiness on routes. Swope would be a good pick to add depth to a WR core that had it struggles last season.

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Rounds 4-7: 106th, 141st, 178th, 215th Overall Picks

You've reached the rapid fire rounds of our mock draft. Enjoy. 

Round 4:

The New York Jets Select

Jordan Reed, TE, University of Florida

The Jets finally catch a break as Jordan Reed slips out of the third round and into their hands at 106. In 2012, Reed caught 45 passes for 559 yards and 3 TD's. He was limited by Florida's quarterback play, but still made the best of his opportunities. 

My Pick:

I agree with the Reed pick with the loss of Dustin Keller. He needs his fair share of NFL training, but because the Jets are in rebuilding mode, I think it makes sense. Plus, Jets TE Jeff Cumberland isn't going anywhere, so there's always that, too. 

Round 5: 

The New York Jets select: 

Jawan Jamison, RB, Rutgers

The Jets stay local and draft Jamison to provide a little extra competition at RB for the starting or co-starting positions. Jamison foregoes his NCAA eligibility to join a Jets squad that is looking for a spark. The Jets hope that he can become player like his fellow Scarlet Knight, Ray Rice.

My Pick: 

Tyrann "Honey Badger" Mathieu, DB, LSU

Mathieu's off-the-field issues are well-documented, but his on-the-field talents are seemingly forgotten. This is the same player that was in Heisman discussions. He may not last this far in the draft if a team with Pete Carroll's view of players with a past takes a chance on him, but if Mathieu is available, the Jets should draft him to bolster their backfield. Mathieu played corner at LSU, but many scouts believe he would best transition to safety in the NFL. Whichever's the case, his skills can be applicable to Gang Green. 

Rounds 6 & 7:

The New York Jets select: 

Round 6: Zeke Motta, SS, Notre Dame

Rex Ryan gets his choice of a pick, like previous years (even with new GM Idzik), and he chooses a tough safety from Notre Dame. Motta needs a good measure of work, but does come from the Fighting Irish's impressive defense. Their pass rush hid some of the back coverage talent. Motta has a nack for eyeing his man and working through a maze of defenders to get him. 

Round 7: Matt Stankiewitch, C, Penn State

With center Nick Mangold's couple of injuries, and the fact he continues to 'get up there' in NFL age, the Jets draft a potential, solid fill-in, and 'maybe' replacement one day. The Pro Bowler isn't going away, but the Jets feel that Stankiewitch could provide some depth. 

My Pick: 

The Jets' two choices from above are hard to argue with, as they are late round 'maybes,' anyway, and could sincerely fill some needs.

Please be sure to share with us your ideal 2013 NFL Draft picks below.

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