Pop’s Corner: 2013 Jets Preview

With the preseason well underway, and all the questions regarding who will start at quarterback or where the team will finish in 2013, today's a good day to look at what I believe the future will be for our New York Jets.

Last week, the Jets took on the Detroit Lions in their first preseason game of the season. On the fourth offensive play of the game, Mark Sanchez threw a pass that he shouldn’t have and it was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Is this a preview of the upcoming season, or just one of those things that happen in a preseason game?

Sanchez continues to make the same mistakes that you expect from a rookie quarterback, not someone who has been in the league for several years. I am not saying that Geno Smith should start game one, but Mark cannot continue to play like this without some consequences.

Rex Ryan will not confirm who will start Week 1, as of today, but continues to give the impression that he will go with Mark.

The Jets season begins with a very tough 8-game stretch. After reviewing the games, I would be very surprised if the team wins more than 2 or 3 of them. They play the Patriots twice and have difficult games with Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and New Orleans. In fact of their first 10 games, I imagine that the team might be favored only once—a home game against the Bills. 

Therefore, any success during this period would be a surprise.

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The schedule does open up with the last 6 games, and, in fact, the Jets could finish strong.

Looking at this, I do not see any reason to continue with Mark. They probably can win 1 or 2 more games with him at quarterback, but what does that accomplish for the future? He is not going to be here after this year and we need to know if we actually have a quarterback for the franchise.

Geno, according to Rex yesterday, had a very “brutal” day and made many mistakes. This is not a surprise when you're a rookie in the NFL. Interceptions in practice should not influence any decisions about the future of the team. Every player has good days and bad days, but all that matters is what happens during actual games. We do not know much about Geno in NFL games yet, but we do know a lot about Mark.

Please Rex, make the right decision for the Jet organization and the fans, not for the future of your job.

This week, the team welcomes the Jaguars of Jacksonville, an organization that has as much, if not more, problems than our Jets. I know these are just preseason games, but go out there and make some kind of statement that last year is over, and this is the beginning of change. We have not won a Super Bowl since 1969, and if we are going to win another, we need to change the mindset of the team, and start a new approach to winning. That starts with the owner and goes all the way to the last member of the team. 

These cannot be the “SAME OLD JETS”.